Stephanie Shih
Stephanie Shih (史欣雲) is a visual still life artist, known for her painterly use of shadow applied to playful perspectives on food. Shih started making photographs with her dad’s half-frame camera on childhood road trips, but only took up photography seriously later in life while in graduate school. At te time, she moonlighted as a wedding cake maker, and translating the fantastical experience of food to the visual image has been a driving throughline of her work ever since.
    As a second generation Taiwanese-Chinese American, Shih explores themes of contemporary and historical cultural diasporic dynamics through her still life creations. Her photography has been featured in outlets including Elle Girl Korea, 7x7, Bloomberg Businessweek, Gastronomica, Buzzfeed, and Los Angeles Times. Shih has exhibited internationally, including at Hashimoto Contemporary LA, Griffin Museum of Photography, USC Pacific Asia Museum, and The Royal Photographic Society.
  Shih is from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives in Los Angeles. When not in the studio or kitchen creating, she is a professor at University of Southern California.

For more of Stephanie’s work, see https://www.stephanie-shih.com.