1. Milla Chocolates

was founded by chocolatier Christine Sull Sarioz and is located in Culver City, CA. For more about Milla Chocolates, see

2. Lucien Shapiro

is an artist who repurposes found, collected materials into ritualistic and powerful emblems. Lucien’s candlestick in Eat Bittersweet was featured in his own performance, Bitter Sweet (

3. Behind the scenes

A planning sketch and notes for Eat Bittersweet.

4. “Still” life

Throughout its history, artists have always flirted with the boundaries of stillness in “still life”. Meant to capture inanimate or dead objects, the term comes from 17th century Dutch stillleven (‘still’+‘life’), and in the Romance languages, the genre was called nature morte, meaning ‘dead nature.’ But even so, artists throughout the practice (see e.g., Rachel Ruysch) have inserted flying bugs and sometimes live small animals like squirrels or small dogs. In current media, a new dimension that tests stillness opens up to us, in the form of motion and video. Like Money Matrix, Eat Bittersweet was made as a moving still.

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