1. Eunbi Cho

Eunbi Cho is a ceramicist in Los Angeles whose work draws from her multinational experiences living in Korea, Europe, and the US. Eunbi’s tiled ceramic incense holders reminded me of the tiled countertops ubiquitous to my childhood. For more of Eunbi’s work, see:

2. Incense in LA 

This still life was commissioned for Los Angeles Times Image to accompany a piece about the culture of incense in LA. Read the original article here:

3. Behind the scenes

A planning sketch of Money Matrix, based on memories of home altars that offer fruit, incense, and prayers to deities and ancestors.

4. Broken Jade 

Broken jade bracelet: This broken jade bracelet is from my good friend Lauren’s family. She brought it to me after her young daughter had broken it, thinking that its life could be memorialized in a still life piece. Superstition is that jade bracelets break when their good luck and protective powers have been well-used and are spent.

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