1. Eunbi Cho

is a ceramicist in Los Angeles whose work draws from her multinational experiences living in Korea, Europe, and the US. The vases in this work were made by Eunbi based on the shape of onggi, the traditional Korean earthenware pots used for fermentation. For more of Eunbi’s work, see

2. Oliver Ko

A Los Angeles Koreatown native, Oliver started Korilla Kimchi during the pandemic, making and delivering fresh homemade kimchi all across the LA region.

3. Behind the scenes

Sometimes the still lifes go through several “drafts” before their final form. Here are several of the iterations in the process of making Onggi with Six Kimchi. The first version of the piece used flowers that I felt were too colorful and distracted from the kimchi. In the second version, I chose flowers that would complement and enhance the visceralness of the kimchi flowers dripping their juices down the bouquet.

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